The Need of a Healing Touch

Let me introduce you to the 2020 Buggati Chiron Super Sport 300+! 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16 engine. 0-60 in 2.3 seconds. 1577 horsepower. $3.9 million. Top speed of almost 305 MPH.

But why begin a post on Healing with facts about a hyper car? I’ll explain…

“If there is a prophet among you, I the LORD make myself known to him in a vision; I speak with him in a dream”
Numbers 12:6

Dream language is very important. Through this language God can communicate to us such deep things.

Rarely did I ever dream. In frustration I would say “Lord, I guess it’s just visions for me”. But I WANT MORE of God, not less, and that statement was more a reality of my frustration at a lack of dreams than a lack of desire for dreams.

I also had a problem when people came and shared dreams with me. They would go into detail, some more detailed than others, most were great dreams, but some of them sounded like they were on some strong psychedelic drugs. Then they’d ask “What do you think?” This caused me a lot of frustration because I could rarely interpret dreams. It was only if the Holy Spirit were to inspire in that moment, and grace me with understanding, that I could give an answer. Usually it was “What on earth are you smoking?” and that usually did not inspire them, or me. But my biggest problem was that I was usually in their dream and they were sure that it had to do with me. Some would write the dreams out and I would need my own Enigma Machine to decipher their meanings. I never could though.

Then I heard a great piece of wisdom from Mark Chironna that began to unlock the world of dreams to me:

“99% of the time when people show up in your dreams the dream is not for them, it is for you! What does that person represent to you? What are they to you? Maybe their name? Maybe their occupation? This is part of God’s unique way of communicating with you because of our emotional connection with people, places, and events”

Even though, a few years later, it would take an impartation from my friend Jessa Bentley to fully unlock the world of dreams, literally overnight, it was this needed piece of wisdom that was the beginning to unlocking the power of dreams to me.

Let me be vulnerable here and share a couple of examples. When my ex-wife shows up in my dreams I’m not waking up in the morning and calling her “Hey, had a dream about you last night…”, I don’t think she would be impressed, even though we have a good relationship. When she shows up in my dreams, nine times out of ten, it represents the Church, the Bride of Christ. I’ve never remarried so she was my Bride. See, not too icky or weird.

Another example is this one dream that I had and it was me and my friend Richard swimming off the coast of North Wales. We were navigating these waterways until we reached this sole island made of a giant sheet of black Welsh slate. I still remember the moon reflecting on the surface. Richard and I were very close friends for many years and when we do get to catch up it’s like we’ve not been apart. He is so busy because Richard is a famous actor in real life. When he showed up in my dream I knew the dream had nothing to do with him being an actor, it was the meaning of his name – Strong brave leader – and the fact that he is a long-term friend. This represented Jesus! He was leading me to the Secret Place for a season of seclusion. That was fulfilled by getting a job as a truck driver in which I was by myself all the time, for weeks on end (in a black truck). Now if it were about Rich then I would have to contact his agent in Hollywood, or London, and try and connect, or his sister in Wales (might be easier), if I were to share the dream with him.

Things have changed now. Since I have many dreams, on a frequent basis, I can now tell the difference between personal dreams and when a dream is for someone else, but that took time. My post here is not about dreams and interpretation, but about a specific dream about healing that I feel will bless you.

The Dream

It was at night and I was walking on a European street. A slight rain was falling and the street lights reflected with muted electrical eagerness on the slick black road. I was stood on a sidewalk, looking up the street, and to my right, on the road, a black Bugatti Chiron slowly drove past and stopped beside me. I said out load “Wow! That’s a Bugatti Chiron! I’ve only ever seen the Veyron”. The reason the Chiron stopped was because about thirty yards in front of me an old friend, called Laura, was crossing the road with a group of children. She smiled and waved at the car, and then glanced and smiled at me. Then I woke up.

Laura has shown up in dreams, a handful of times, and usually when I am fighting demons, wrestling principalities, and right in the midst of these crazy cosmic battles, she will stand observing. During a frequent season of Laura sightings I asked the Holy Spirit “Why did Laura show up?” and He simple said “Look at the meaning of her name” – Laura represents the embodiment of victory and strength! Whenever she shows up God is saying “Victory and Strength is here!”

In the above dream she had children, prophetically this is the fruit of Victory and Strength, but they were crossing in front of the path of the mighty Chiron! This is where God got REALLY personal. I remember it like it were yesterday. I was parked out front of the DMV waiting to go in to take my test to get my CDL Learner’s Permit so that I could attend Truck School. I was looking up what Chiron meant and God undid something.

Disclaimer: Before you throw stones because I’m talking about a Greek mythological creature, take that religious face off your mush and let me finish! 😂😂😂

Chiron was known as a “healer who could not heal himself”. That was the line I read, among the tails of training heroes, that God used to touch my heart. Again, the car in the dream led me to that one line. It’s not about Greek Mythology. It’s not even about my new favorite car (the Chiron knocked the Lamborghini Aventador off the top). It’s about God’s amazing way of grabbing our attention and leading us into His wisdom.

For the record, I know that JESUS is the healer, but He does heal FROM us, not as conduits but as containers. We HAVE power, we don’t channel power. Jesus said “YOU WILL RECEIVE POWER…” (Acts 1:8) not “YOU WILL CHANNEL POWER…” We have power, resident power (Ephesians 3:20), in us NOW, to wreak havoc on the works of the evil one. I have prayed for the sick since I was about six/seven years old. Praying for the sick is what I love to do. God changed something in 2009 and since then I have seen more people healed than in all the years from 1980 when I first prayed for someone that Jesus healed. The church I used to pastor in St Louis had the reputation in the city as the place where people got healed. Visitors would come to us for that purpose, some even drove 6hrs for a miracle. But, here, in this dream, just before I headed off to truck school, God was saying:

“I’ve used you to heal thousands. But you are in need of healing yourself, and you cannot heal yourself?

I wept in the car.

The Potter and the Pot

“But who are you, O man, to answer back to God? Will what is molded say to its molder, “Why have you made me like this?” Has the potter no right over the clay, to make out of the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for dishonorable use?”
Romans 9:20-21

I love the vendors who fill the streets and back alleys of India. Vendors proudly displaying their products. The waft that floats off of the mounds of Cardamom, Cassia Bark, Turmeric, and Chilies jostle with the sizzling smell of freshly made street food. Then you have the rows of fabric, colors that make the eyes dance, and like goats on their way to market the bleating of a thousand Tuk-Tuk horns compete with the chatter of commerce.

I keep one on my piano

I like to find the pottery vendors because they sell, for pennies, these little clay jars. I like to buy a few, paying over the asking price, knowing that some will break on their way home, then I give them as gifts to friends. I write on the base of each jar – 2 Cor 4:7 – this is such a dear and precious verse to me:

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not us”

I do love my simple clay jar from the streets of India. It’s rough around the edges. It is porous and plain. Nothing exciting to look at. The smell of the streets has long faded, but the hints of earthen roots still linger. I like to hold that jar. Run my finger over it’s coarse exterior. When I cup it with both hands I apply pressure knowing that if I squeezed anymore then it would break in my hands. According to Scripture, that is who we are. With such frailty we need Him more than we think we do. Society teaches us to draw attention to the Container, the Gospel teaches us to draw attention to the Contents. I love how God leaves both to exist, the Jar and Jesus.

Tying it all together…

Corrie Ten Boom, in some of her presentations, would hold up a piece of cloth that was knotted and chaotic. She would use it to illustrate that life is not always ordered, and God doesn’t always answer all of our prayers. She would then recite:

“Although the threads of my life have often seemed knotted, I know, by faith, that on the other side of the embroidery there is a crown”

Then she would flip the piece of cloth around and reveal the Crown. It is such a wonderful truth that God truly does know how to weave all of our life experiences together into something of significance and beauty. What the dream about the Buggati Chiron highlighted was Jesus doesn’t have Victory, He IS Victory. Jesus doesn’t just heal, He IS Healing. Its more about nature than function. What Jesus does flows from who He is. When the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5:30 touched his cloak it says:

“Jesus was aware that power had gone out from Him…”

The Greek word for power here is – dunamis. Look at this definition from Thayer’s Greek Lexicon:

“Inherent power, power residing in a thing by virtue of its nature”

Within the nature of Jesus are all of creation’s needs. He is all that we need. So if you are in need of healing, whether that is of:

The Spirit – requiring Salvation by being Born Again
The Soul – as in emotional or mental health
The Body – which is any physical ailment

Jesus is Victory and is Health in every area! Let me pray:

Lord Jesus, YOU ARE! We turn to You right now and place our need before You. We acknowledge that from You every good and perfect gift flows. I ask You to stretch forth Your hand and touch my Brother and Sister so that healing virtue flows to the very area that they need. If they need Salvation I ask You Holy Spirit to quicken their hearts to receive Jesus. If they are troubled in their minds, or are in turmoil of life circumstances, then I ask You to speak peace to their Souls. Lord, touch their physical bodies so that pain, disease, disability, cancer, burning, itching, discomfort, and every malady will respond to Your name Jesus. Amen,

Thank You Father God for Your Son…

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